7 amazing newborn feats

7 amazing newborn feats

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Gripping, suckling, straightening the head, sketching a few steps ... just born, your baby has reflexes called archaic. They are evaluated by the pediatrician at birth to verify that your baby's nervous system is functioning well and that he can thus come into contact with his environment.

Archaic reflexes, what is it?

  • Involuntary automatic movements that appear during the fetal life, At birth, your newborn has not completed the maturation of his nervous system, including the bundle of motor nerves from the brain to control his movements . The movements he performs are partly automatisms, innate reflexes that allow him to adapt to his environment. This maturation will be almost completed at 1 year.
  • Very awkward at the beginning of life, your newborn's gestures will gradually become more refined thanks to the development of his controlled muscle tone. It is only around the age of 3 or 4 months that his reflexes gradually transform into voluntary movements.

1. The fatping reflex: the most affectionate

  • What's this ? The doctor, putting his finger in the palm of your baby, must first cause a closing of the fingers, then a grip so strong that you can sometimes lift the baby with both hands. And if you exert a slight pressure on the soles of the feet, the toes fold as well ... This reflex persists up to 3 months for the hand and 10 months for the foot.
  • What does this reflex prove? It's the most cracking of reflexes ... Just a few hours, and already your baby will not let you go! It helps the attachment between you and your baby. It will then give way to voluntary prehension.

2. Sucking-swallowing: the most greedy

  • What's this ? The pediatrician stimulates with his finger the lips of the little one. Immediately, it tends spontaneously mouth and tongue and begins to suck vigorously. This gesture triggers a rhythmic sucking movement ... even if your baby is not hungry!
  • What does this reflex prove? May your baby feed himself! From birth, your little hungry, placed on your belly, is able to suck your breast the first drops of colostrum, the first milk rich in nutrients ... or greedily suck his first bottle!

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