7 essential addresses to find the right solution

7 essential addresses to find the right solution

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Finding a child care arrangement is not an easy task and it is not always easy to know where to go. Our advice to help you in your research.

7 essential addresses!

Whether you opt for a group day care - crèche, day nursery, kindergarten - home care or for a certified maternal assistant, here are the 7 good places to know to find the rare pearl:

  • 1- Your family allowance fund: caf.fr offers a site specially dedicated to all that concerns solutions for children: mon-enfant.fr. A real Bible.
  • 2- To find the addresses of the various types of group reception or the list of approved maternal assistants of the municipality on which you depend, you can inquire at the service of the early childhood of your town hall or at your maternal protection center and infant (PMI).
  • 3- Think also of the municipal center of social action, the CCAS. This local structure is open to all inhabitants of the municipality and its mission is to meet the social needs of the entire population. It intervenes in various fields, especially in the care of the early childhood and the different modes of care (collective crèches, rest-nurseries, relay of nursery assistants ...).
  • 4- You will also find valuable information on the site of the General Council: conseil-general.com
  • 5- Do not hesitate to get closer to RAM maternal assistant relays, which are a real link between parents and professionals early childhood. You will find a genuine listening, valuable information on the different modes of care as well as lists of approved maternal assistants. To find the coordinates of the nearest RAM: mon-enfant.fr
  • 6- Remember to check with your employer. You may be able to benefit from a crèche place through your company.
  • 7- If you look more for a simple or shared home care, go to the website of the National Agency for Human Services: servicesalapersonne.gouv.fr. You will find a directory of companies accredited to recruiting nannies at home. Note that this site also offers lists of approved nursery assistants.

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Article updated on August 17, 2015



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