7. Sky slippers

7. Sky slippers

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Between sky and sand, these slippers reveal a beige sole when your baby lifts his foot. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in stock jersey and in garter stitch.

Size: 3 months


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil parfum" (100% cotton - relaxing lavender yarn): 1 pel. collar. Roller, 1 pel. collar. Sand.

Aig. No. 3,5. 2 buttons. 2 pressures. Hook n ° 4.

Points used

jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

Crochet: crayfish point = like tight meshes but in trav. from left to right.


SOLE: mount 8 m Sand, aig. 3.5 mm. Tric. in garter st in inc. 1 m. at each end of the 3rd rg = 10 m. At 6.5 cm high. early. sun 1 m. at each end. Rab. the 8 m. rest.

FOOT: assemble 46 m. Pebble, ea. 3.5 mm. Tric. 4 rows of stocking st, cut the thread. Slide the first 19 sts. on the ea. right to resume work. on the 8 m. central for the top of the foot. Tric. in jersey end. taking together at the end of each row, the last m. from above and the 1st of m. waiting on the sides, 7 fs. There remains 12 m on each side of the 8 m central. Cut the thread.

On the 8 m central: rab. 2 m., Tric. 4 m., Rab. 2 m. Cut the thread, continue on the 4 sts. central and tric. 4 cm for the tongue. Rab. Fold it in 2 on the approx. and sew the stopping rg.

For the heel, slip the 12 sts. waiting at each end on the same aig. = 24 m. In the 1st row, rab. the 3 m. from each end. Tric. 4 rows on the 18 m. then for the paw, add 1 fe 14 m. at one end. Tric. 2 rows in garter st over 32 sts. and rab.

Close the heel. Sew the foot around the soleplate by placing the heel seam in the middle of the mounting rg and the middle of the liner in the middle of the stopping rg.

Pass the button placket in the tongue. Sew the pressure on the side of the slipper. Sew the button on the end of the paw.

Crochet 1 rg Pebble crayfish to mark the edge of the sole.

Knit the second boot facing the button placket.

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