7. Pink slippers

7. Pink slippers

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Slippers in the shape of ballerinas for your little one. Presented in the March 2011 issue of, they are knitted in jersey and garter stitch.

Sizes: a) 3 months - b) 6 months - c) 12 months


Phildar green Phil quality

a) b) c) 1 ball color Sorbet

Phil cotton quality n ° 3

1 ball color White

Some quality Origami color White

Needles n ° 3

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 row in row, 1 row in reverse * repeat these 2 rows

Garter stitch: everything in place (1 foam bar = 2 rows of garter st)


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm of jersey, Phil green quality, needles n ° 3 = 25 m. and 35 rows

Download the assembly diagram

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