6 safety instructions for baby bathing

6 safety instructions for baby bathing

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This summer, your little one loves the sea, the pool or the water of a lake ... What are the essential safety instructions to respect with a baby? Our advice for a serene summer.

  • 1. At sea, at the pool or in a lake, it is recommended not to bathe your baby before the age of 3 months, once he is vaccinated.
  • 2. To prevent heat stroke - in small children, it can happen very quickly - never expose it to the sun between 12 pm and 4 pm
  • 3. Protect your skin with a cream index 50, to renew every two hours and after each bath. Dress him in a white T-shirt to protect him from the sun. In a cold sea, opt for a dry suit, so that it does not get cold.
  • 4. Do not forget the sunglasses and put on a hat.
  • 5. Drink it regularly, even if it is not thirsty.
  • 6. Finally, never leave it unattended around the pool or by the sea, even if it has its armbands. Always stay close to him.

Stéphanie Letellier

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