6 tips for getting a place in a nursery

6 tips for getting a place in a nursery

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To find a place in a nursery, luck is not always enough. Being well informed, prepared and motivated is the key to winning the Grail. Laure Leter, author of "Modes de garde, instructions for use", gives us his advice to put all the chances on your side.

1) Register as soon as possible

  • If you live in a big city where places are expensive, it is more than advisable to pre-register your pregnancy, around the sixth month. Scary? You are allowed, but your strategy for a place in a nursery passes by: "The best thing is still to call your town hall as soon as you learn about your pregnancy.It will tell you what is the appropriate time to put all the chances on your side, "advises Laure Leter, author of" Modes of custody, instructions "* This pre-registration must then be confirmed after your delivery, with a birth certificate.

2) Know where to register

  • At the town hall, the nursery ... To know how to register, again, contact your city hall because no city works the same way and some innovate. In the Rhône, Parent Info Points have been set up in 15 large municipalities to centralize requests. Same in Paris, in 13 districts, Grenoble, Bordeaux or Toulouse. In Marseille, parents can pre-register on the Internet. More generally, the early childhood service of the town hall will be your relay. In the smallest municipalities, enrollments are normally made directly to schools.

3) Know the recruitment criteria of the nursery

  • Each city defines its own award criteria. In Paris, Lyon or Marseille, they are even different depending on the district: "Knowing the criteria of your city will allow you to have an idea of ​​your chances and to develop a strategy accordingly, for example, if your eldest is already at the nursery or if you have twins, it is often a plus, "explains Laure Leter. You will find these criteria in the internal regulations of the establishments, available at the town hall or directly in the crèches. Some cities even offer to download them online (Toulouse, Bordeaux ...). Educate yourself.

4) In September, it's easier!

  • Not surprisingly, this is the time of year when there are the most places available ... In fact, the children enrolled in the crèche before the summer are now in kindergarten, and therefore release cradles. "The rest of the year, unless you move, it's more complicated.If you want a place in winter or spring, look for another solution in parallel," advises Laure Leter. In the end, it is a commission of attribution which will decide the fate of your toddler (or the manger directly, in the small communes). Inquire at your town hall because these commissions do not all take place at the same frequency. In the 17th arrondissement of Paris, they take place every six months while in the 20th arrondissement, it's every month ...

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