6 tips for a holiday without baby and without worry

6 tips for a holiday without baby and without worry

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Do you want to take a few days of well-deserved rest? To enjoy a weekend as a couple or with friends? But how to manage to separate you from baby ... in peace?

1. No to guilt!

  • The hardest part, no doubt, is to convince you that it is neither a fault nor an abandonment to part from your bout a few days. So, rest assured, according to the psys, a small child can quite spend a weekend without his parents from 6-8 months. If you have one or two fat mornings and full of energy, it is your baby who will benefit on return. He will find a mother rested, relaxed and all smiles!

2. Yes to the preparation!

  • The important thing is to get used to it gradually (starting with a party, then an afternoon, then a day ...) and whether it is with a grandma, a tatie or a person in whom you have confidence and he already knows well.

3. Yes to the information

  • Of course, once your separation date is known, you will tell your child that "next Saturday, he will go to Granny's for two days." Even if he is very small and "two days" does not mean anything very specific for him. And you'll talk to him again the day before and the day before, detailing a little more. "You'll sleep at grandma's, she'll make you eat, and give you a bath, read you a story ..." The idea is to make him understand that it's something normal, natural.

4. Yes to the organization

  • Explain or write on a sheet of paper everything that is important for you and your baby: the comforter to sleep, the ritual that soothes it, the little favorite dish ... But tell yourself that children are also very adaptable and are very good at novelties and surprises: he can eat differently, have other games for the bath ... You prepare his little suitcase, with his blanket, his pajamas, his little book ... his clothes and accessories in front of him. You can add a garment with your perfume.

5. Yes to trust

  • The person to whom you entrust your baby should feel comfortable with him and you must feel comfortable with him and trust him. If there is no concern on both sides, your baby will not feel it either.

6. Yes to letting go

  • Of course, you can ask grandma or auntie to call you to tell you that everything is going well (when baby is sleeping, for example), but you are not "obliged" to talk to your boyfriend too: why do burst into the new universe he tames? Sometimes, instead of making the child happy, it can upset him. No question about you, call every two hours to check everything: you entrust your child, so you trust him, granny ... and you!

Odile Amblard