Impossible to make him take a nap!

Impossible to make him take a nap!

Until now, after lunch, your child fell asleep without protesting too much. But for a few days, it has been impossible to drive him to his room to have a nap. Explanations and advice from Hélène de Leersnyder, pediatrician.

Nap: different needs according to the children

  • When it comes to sleep, needs vary from one child to another. In this age group, they can range from four to five minutes to just over two hours a day! At 3-4 years old, nursery schools practice most of the time a period of rest because a school day remains tiring. Some children fall asleep, others do not. Some will take a nap on Saturday or Sunday to recover, others never or only occasionally.
  • Theneed can also fluctuate from day to day and in some cases, from season to season. There is no rule !

How do I know if he needs to take a nap?

This is not an exact science: your toddler is in a transitional period. After several days in a row without a nap, take stock:

  • He remains calm at the end of the day, goes to bed without making history : you can forget the nap. But take care of it after lunch. For example, avoid associating with a trip to the supermarket!
  • He becomes irritable, unwilling to play and participate in activities : the night is not enough for him to relax. You need to find ways to rest in the afternoon.

How to get him to take a nap?

  • Organize a peaceful time. If for the adult, a period of relaxation prepares to sleep, it is the same for the child. That said, do not institute a ritual like for the evening. Immediately after the meal, offer your child to go to his room, quiet. No need to close the shutters. Eventually, pull the curtains to make a bit of darkness. It is not necessary either to establish the silence around him.
  • If he clearly does not want to take a napyou can read him or tell a story or play a quiet game. Do not turn on the television. Ask him to lie down. Tell him that he does not have to sleep, but that you want him to lie down for a while after lunch. If he needs sleep, he will fall asleep quickly.

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