He refuses the spoon ...

He refuses the spoon ...

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The spoon, no question! Your baby only wants his bottle or your breast ... How to react? Give him time, milk is the only food he can not do without. The advice of Dr. Patrick Casin, pediatrician.

You would like to let baby taste his first compote. Only here, nothing is going as planned, not only he spit out everything, but moreover, he cries! He wants his baby or your breast. Point!

He refuses the spoon, so what?

In front of his refusal, you wonder.

  • Will he not fall behind? There is no fixed date to start the little spoon. The only food that your toddler can not do until the age of 2 is just milk.
  • Does not he like my cooking? Homemade compotes, small pots or frozen, all the products are good, from the moment when their consistency - very fluid, so well mixed -, is adapted to the baby. Around 5 months, he can catch food and bring it to his mouth. But he does not have teeth yet. At 6-8 months, both first quenottes still do not allow him to chew.
  • Do I hurt myself? The anxiety of swallowing can be strong. Do not force him especially. On the other hand, if he accepts the teaspoon with his nanny and not with you, it is not that you go wrong ... The food is sometimes a good opportunity for a child to mark his opposition!
  • Is there a food that can attract more than another? In general, we start diversification by the fruits, sweeter. But a carrot-potato mixture is too. Food colors can also be important. The dark green of spinach, even for you, is not necessarily appetizing! Milk products (yogurts, petits-suisse) can be the first way to make him accept the spoon. And if you ever have the chance to find a food he likes, do not hesitate to serve him for several days in a row. On the other hand, he does not have to taste everything. If he refuses a food, respect his choice and wait before proposing it again. According to nutritionists, a rejected food will be accepted by a child after ten presentations. Provided it is done smoothly, of course!

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