He has no friends, is it serious?

He has no friends, is it serious?

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As soon as they arrive at school, the other children get together in small groups ... Yours, obviously, prefer to stay away.


  • Your child is often alone, does not talk about his friends or friends, and most importantly, never invites anyone to the house.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He tells you that no one plays with him, that the others are bad and that he stays beside the mistress at all the recesses.
  • You. You tell yourself that from the age of 4, a child must be sociable, have friends, be surrounded and loved by peers.

It's a family thing ?

Do you go easily to others? How do you speak about them? Do you live your house? Children are sensitive to all this. To wonder about one's life choices is always healthy and rewarding.

  • What has to be done. Talk about yourself, child. You were rather of a reserved nature? If you have suffered, do not hide it. Do not make a mountain either. Your child will not necessarily like you.
  • What does it tell him? "When I was little, I also do not know much time alone," "You do not have to be like me."

He has no friends because he is smaller?

At this age, the differences in motor and emotional development can be significant. Some children express themselves well, are comfortable in their bodies, others are less comfortable. It is this difference that influences the number of friends!

  • What has to be done. Do a little investigation with the teacher. She will tell you with whom your child could play. You can change the course of things ... without being too intrusive. Invite one or two friends to the house.
  • What does it tell him? "Everyone goes at his own pace", "Be patient, we are with you", "Let's invite a friend."

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