5 websites to find a place in nursery

5 websites to find a place in nursery

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You return to work in a few months and you have not yet found a place in a nursery for your child. To increase your chances, some websites can help you in your steps.

1) My child

  • Very practical, the site of the Caf Among other features, it allows you to list all the childcare facilities (nurseries but also childminders) within a radius of 30 kilometers, as well as the available places. A useful address to start your search because the nurseries associative, the nurseries parenting or the nurseries between companies are not necessarily all in the network of town halls.
  • www.mon-enfant.fr

2) My place in nursery

  • Created in 2010, this site is the leading network of inter-company crèches with nearly 700 private, associative and municipal structures. All employed parents can claim this service, and try to finance their cradle by their employer. For this, simply fill out an online form and then a counselor will remind you to communicate the cost of a place (for you and the cost for your business or that of your spouse). You will then receive an estimate by email confirming your request. My place in nursery step then your company, if you wish, to convince her to finance your place. Your business does not need to be part of the upstream network.
  • www.maplaceencreche.com

3) Crib attitude

  • This site brings together a network of 900 independent nurseries (public, private and associative) who provide parents, their empty cradles near their homes. With a few clicks, you can pre-book the place that meets your criteria and edit an order form for your employer who will finalize the reservation, if he accepts. Inquire!
  • creche-attitude.fr

4) Nurseries for all

  • Like my place in nursery and nursery attitude, this site allows you to search the places available in the structures of your neighborhood (company crèches, nurseries associations, municipal nurseries, micro-nurseries), to choose up to 5 and to apply for funding from your employer. The site accompanies you in this approach. occasional home (some half days a week or during school holidays) are also available, without funding from your boss. Very useful for troubleshooting or waiting for a place in municipal day care.
  • This site has signed an agreement with Pôle Emploi to help unemployed parents in their job search process. Concretely, if you need time to spend interviews, you can benefit from a place for a day or a half-day by being priority, according to the availability of the partner establishments, indicated by a purple pictogram.
  • www.crechespourtous.com

5) 1001 nurseries

  • The network of company crèches Babilou has more than 1200 structures. To find a place, two cases are possible: si your company is partner of the network 1001 Crèches, you rStay in a nursery near your home, on your way, or next to your desk. If your company is not yet a partner of this network, you submit your request online and the site will contact you to explain how to finance your cradle by your employer.
  • www.1001creches.com

Stéphanie Letellier

Article updated on April 21, 2015

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