He has trouble sucking, and if it was ankyloglossia?

He has trouble sucking, and if it was ankyloglossia?

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Starting breastfeeding may take some time. But sometimes, an abnormality of the tongue brake, ankyloglossia, can cause difficulties and prevent the infant from suckling well.

Ankyloglossia, what is it?

  • The tongue brake or tongue brake is a fibrous tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth. It aims to retain it.
  • Sometimes the lingual brake may be affected by a malformation: ankyloglossia. The brake is too short or too rigid, which can cause interference with the mobility of the tongue.

Ankyloglossia, a barrier to breastfeeding?

  • A language brake that is too short can change the dynamics of breastfeeding.
  • The newborn has great difficulty in taking the breast, can not drink enough milk and does not get enough fat. As a result, he gets angry at his mother's nipples, which can cause pain, sores and cracks.
  • All of these elements may lead to a decrease in milk production and terminate breastfeeding prematurely.

Can ankyloglossia be remedied?

  • Ankyloglossia is not inevitable, as Dr. Donna Geddes pointed out at the 8th International Medela Symposium on Breastfeeding and Human Lactation. But according to the specialist, she remains a cause too often ignored in the problems of breastfeeding.
  • Dr. Geddes emphasized that in the context of proven difficulties in breastfeeding, professionals should not neglect this possibility. by performing an examination of the oral cavity, most often associated with an echographic control.
  • When it is detected, his treatment consists mostly of a simple incision of the brake, the frenectomy. Fast and safe, this incisionne requires no special preparation. And the newborn can be put back to breast immediately after.

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