He has two houses and it disturbs him

He has two houses and it disturbs him

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A week at dad's house, another at mom's place ... He does not necessarily tell you that, but you have the impression that your child is having trouble managing this alternate care. The advice of Gérard Poussin, professor of psychology.

The alternating guard disturbs him: what are the signs?

  • Your child is moody. It stings anger, becomes aggressive. At other times, he folds on him.
  • At school he has trouble concentrating, persists for hours without results.
  • He changed his behavior : his appetite is not the same, he pee in bed, he has trouble falling asleep, wakes up at night ...
  • Headache, headache... He always has something wrong. Your doctor does not notice anything abnormal. To have pain can express one's anxiety.
  • He has repetitive illnesses. He vomits for no reason, has digestive disorders, unexplained headaches. In the youngest (3-4 years old), you have skin problems. In older children (10-12 years), these disorders can go as far as spasmophilia.

He hides his malaise? Conduct the investigation

Your child may not dare to express to you the fact that this situation bothers him. He wants to preserve you.

  • Meet the teacher and the school staff. They did not notice anything particular? Have them observe your child for a while. They may have things to teach you.
  • Find out from friends and relatives. Ask them about your child's behavior when you are not there. Try to find out if he's gay, sad, if he's complaining, if he's isolating himself, or if he's constantly trying to make it interesting. If your child has a problem, maybe he is talking about how he feels about his friends.

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