Evening story: Sam's spring

Evening story: Sam's spring

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"In the village of Dorville, every time a child is born, a tree is planted in his garden" ... this is how this story begins! Well snuggled in bed or in your arms, your little evening listener will love this story!

  • In the village of Dorville, every time a child is born, a tree is planted in his garden. Thus, at the same time as the child grows, the tree that accompanies it grows. Through the window of his room, Sam keeps looking at his. Because, as the years pass, he realizes that something is wrong.
  • In the gardens next door, the trees change with the seasons. In winter, they bend their branches under the snow. In spring, the buds grow. In summer, small white flowers pierce in the middle of beautiful green leaves and, in autumn, they gracefully drop yellow leaves on the grass of the gardens. But not his. Sam's remains dry and stunted, his fragile trunk resembles a piece of wood planted in the ground.

    What is Sam? suddenly makes a voice behind him. You cry ?

  • Of course, in Dorville, his friends make fun of him: "Hey Sam, you should stick some cloth sheets to him on the branches!" Or again: "Next autumn, I'll give you dead leaves. only to put them at the foot of your piece of wood! "Only Laura, her little neighbor, said to her," Do not worry, Sam, one day he will blossom. "
  • A new spring is coming. Sam tried everything. He watered his tree with various fertilizers, he spoke to him, sang songs to him, but to no avail. An immense sadness invades him. He sits at the foot of his tree and feels his eyes sting. "What is it, Sam?" Suddenly a voice behind him, "are you crying?" Unable to answer, Sam releases big tears rolling down his cheeks and falling to the ground. Laura - because it's her - then approaches and asks, "Can I cry with you?" And for an hour, their tears mingle with the earth.
  • The next day, Sam is awakened by screams. "Have you seen?" "But what happened?" Still in his pajamas, he rushes into his garden and discovers instead of his piece of wood, a beautiful tree with budded branches buds ready to burst. Laura stands among all the admiring friends. He joins her. "I thank you, your tears are magical!" He says. She shrugs and replies, "We just had to be two to wake him up." And both of them, hand in hand, admire the tree with a smile.

By Stéphane Daniel.