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Special rattle for young sturdy, it takes the form of an alter, easy to catch. Presented in the March 2009 issue of, she is knitted in stock jersey then filled with synthetic wadding to take shape.


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Cashmere Wool" (80% wool, 20% cashmere): 1 pel. collar. Ecru, Mouse and Sinbad; "Lambswool" quality (51% lambswool, 49% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Slate.

Aig. n ° 3 - Synthetic filling - 2 balls of polystyrene 7 cm in diameter.

Employee point

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., Approx. *


A square 10 cm jersey end., Aig. n ° 3 = 27 m. and 38 rows.


To dress one of the ball, climb 58 m. Ecru with an auxiliary wire that will be unraveled. Tric. in jersey end. : 3 rows Ecru then cont. so in Sinbad:

5th row: 1 m., * 2 m. ens., 5 m. * 8 fs, 1 m. = 50 m.

9th row: 1 m., * 2 m. ens., 4 m. * 8 fs, 1 m. = 42 m.

11th row: 1 m., * 2 m. ens., 3 m. * 8 fs, 1 m. = 34 m.

13th row: 1 m., * 2 m. ens., 2 m. * 8 fs, 1 m. = 26 m.

15th rg: 1 m., * 2 m. ens., 1 m. * 8 fs, 1 m. = 18 m.

17th row: 1 m., * 2 m. set * 8 fs, 1 m.

Slide the wire within 10 m. rest. Tighten and stop securely.

Untwist the rg of assembly, take the 58 m. in Sinbad. Trav. as for the first half until the 16th rg. Rab.

Knit another trim by replacing Sinbad with Slate for the other ball.

For the central bar, climb 26 m. Ecru, tric. in jersey end. : * 2 rows Ecru, 2 rows Mouse * 8 fs, 2 rows Ecru and rab.


Sew the trim of a ball at each end of the center bar. Slide a ball into each dressing and close it. Close the ends of the center bar. Fill with stuffing. Close the opening.

Catherine Bouquerel creation


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