Gourds: a boost for your diet

Gourds: a boost for your diet

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When baby begins to know how to handle and hold objects, think of the gourds, ideal for him to taste his little fruit compote like a big one!

What are the benefits of baby gourds?

  • Small, light and perfectly adapted to the hands of toddlers, commercial baby bottles are usually equipped with a leak-proof nozzle. Not only can your baby drink on his own, but he can not spill the contents of his flask, even when he is drinking in the car! In addition, they are often very strong: enough in any case to hold the shock if your baby drops it by accident.
  • As for mom, the water bottles are also very practical: their small size makes it easy to slip them in the bag before taking your baby to walk to the park for example.

What do they contain?

  • In general, commercial baby gourds contain fruit compotes: perfect for snacking. While some are exclusively fruit-based, others contain milk and fruit. There are also vegetables (one vegetable or several vegetables mixed by brands).

How to choose them?

  • To make your choice, it is important to rely on the age indicated on the product. Some gourds are available for 4-6 months: it is a little too early for your baby to use them properly alone, but the interest of these gourds is not there. They are mainly intended to measure easily and quickly the very small amounts of fruit compotes to give to baby at the beginning of the food diversification.
  • As for the gourds that really allow baby to "drink like a big", they are rather intended for 10-12 months.
  • Another thing to consider: the nutritional composition of the product. Ideally, it should not contain added sugars and little salt while providing plenty of vitamins and minerals, good for baby's growth (pay particular attention to vitamin C and calcium content).
  • Finally, so that your baby has fun and really enjoy drinking his little bottle, also pay attention to the design of the product: what better than bright colors and funny animals to motivate your baby to eat like a big?

Another option: washable gourds

  • Do you prefer to make your own home baby compotes? In this case, a washable bottle can be a good option: you can put all your "drinkable" preparations in it, including small vegetable soups if you wish. In addition, it's ecological!
  • Again, to make your choice, it is important to check the age range for which the product is intended: according to their material (eg stainless steel, plastic) and their weight, some washable gourds can be used as soon as possible. age of 1 year for example but others are recommended only from 3 years ...