Taste: zoom on his taste buds

Taste: zoom on his taste buds

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Hum, I love it! As you want to hear your toddler exclaim thus and eat his good food! In the meantime, do you know when your child's taste is formed? Does a brother have the same tastes as his sister? Is there a "limit" age to make him love new flavors? Take our quiz to find out.

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Discover the flavor of food, it starts:

In utero. Since birth. At the moment of diversification.


In utero is the right answer. When a future mother enjoys a chicken curry or a strawberry, her future baby benefits. How do we know? The discovery was made in India. Babies are born by feeling strongly curry. Then, children quickly accept the strong taste of spices, unlike western children who have not been exposed to these flavors early, that is to say in utero.
The behavior of the fetuses was also observed via ultrasound. It has been observed that their swallowing and heart rate accelerate when sugar is injected into the amniotic liquid. They have taste! Simply because the olfactory and taste systems are functional the last trimester of gestation.