George, Charlotte ... and the names of the royal family

George, Charlotte ... and the names of the royal family

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George and Charlotte ... the names chosen by Kate and William for their children. The opportunity to learn more about his name and that of other members of the Royal Family of England. Let's go for the questions of our quiz!

Question (1/11)

In England too, George is an old-fashioned name.

That's right. It's wrong.


Unlike in France where the name George is old-fashioned, his English form (without "s"), George, is still on the other side of the Channel. He is in the top 20 most given names ... and his rating should climb again!
Regarded as a chic name (although it comes from the Greek "georgios", the worker of the earth), it is celebrated on April 23, with St. George who, in the fourth century, defeated a seven-headed dragon that devastated Libya . It is also the patron saint of England.