5 cuddle games to wake up baby

5 cuddle games to wake up baby

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Your toddler is just 2 months old and he is already very competent. To help him discover his possibilities, offer him this mini program of awakening one-on-one and gently.

1. Dance plays against cheek

  • Choose the music (preferably soft) of your choice.
  • Put your baby in front of you, one arm at shoulder height, your hand gently applying his head against your left breast. Your other hand placed under her buttocks.
  • Just swing back and forth and right to left, to the beat of the music. By trying to adapt your breathing to that of your baby. Your scent, heartbeat and rock will delight him. And without even noticing, your toddler will get acquainted with his vestibular system, which allows him not to feel his head turn when his body "waves".

2. He was a small ship ...

  • To gradually install his sense of balance, offer him another kind of pitching!
  • Sit cross-legged on the floor. Put your baby in the "hammock" formed by your thighs. Lightly support his neck with one hand and his buttocks with the other.
  • Lower your right thigh, pull it up, lower your left thigh and pull it up, and so on. Sometimes his body leans on his head, sometimes on his feet. But where is his center of gravity? He does not ask the question ... but his body is looking for him!
  • Sing a little air while you swing your sailor.

3. Shadow and light

  • Your toddler does not yet distinguish very well the colors, however he is very interested in the effects of shadows and lights.
  • Set it back to the window, lying on your lap, its head resting on your left elbow.
  • You are thus in profile with respect to the window. Capture the light filtering through the curtains with a small pocket mirror (do not be dazzled by the reflection of the full sun!) And point it towards your face.
  • Make the mirror come and go to move the reflection from right to left, you will see his eyes follow your gesture. A way to tone his eye muscles, too little dynamic at his age.

4. Funny games

  • Babies learn with talent what we do to them.
  • Pull out your tongue, frown, stretch your lips in smiles or cocked hat, open and close your mouth like a fish ... He will try quite convincing imitations.
  • Beyond the fun aspect of this exchange, your baby integrates by executing your expressions, your mimicry. This little talent will serve him later to decode your emotions.

5. Of a bigger head!

  • His head, whose circumference remains wider than his bust, is very heavy to wear for his neck. Yet it is from his neck that will start the first impulse that will decide to lift his body (over the months) and to hold on his legs.
  • Install him face down on his play mat, roll a bath towel and curl it under his armpits so that his chest is in support.
  • Place yourself 30 cm away from him and wave a sound object over his skull or catch the light. You will see him lifting the top of his bust and stretching his neck ... not very long!

Attention of a few minutes

These fun activities can be offered at different times of the day when you feel it available for it. Be careful, these exercises should not be chained. Above all, if it does not lend itself to the game, give up. If, on the other hand, he catches his eye on the object you are presenting to him or your own eyes, continue ... He is sensitive to the interest you bring to him and will not fail to gratify you with nice tweets and tender looks .

Karine Ancelet

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