5 games ideas with baby

5 games ideas with baby

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Turn, swing, tickle ... After 6 to 8 months, your baby discovers, to his delight, the first hiccups. Violette, 7 months, do not miss a thing with her father Etienne.

1. The lift with kisses

His back flat on a soft carpet, his legs slightly bent, Etienne holds Violet above his face. And one, with arms outstretched, he lifts his flea. And two, with his arms bent, he brings her back to him and gives him a kiss.

The + security : thus placed, they do not risk imprudence. In case of imbalance, the little girl slips into the arms of his dad. No risk of shock on a piece of furniture since the playing area is well cleared, nor a significant drop because the small does not rise very well.

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