Express breakfast package

Express breakfast package

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In 5 minutes, prepare a delicious French toast for an original breakfast. Add a fruit smoothie and a little honey Swiss to balance it all.

The smoothie:

  • Mix half a banana with some strawberries.
  • Add 1/2 stirred yoghurt or milk to dilute and add 1 tablespoon caster sugar.
  • Here is a vitamin drink.

French toast :

  • Beat in a bowl: 1 egg + 10 cl milk + 1 tsp. tablespoon sugar + 1 tbsp. coffee orange flower water.
  • Dip slices of dry bread or brioche.
  • Brown them in a pan with butter.
  • It's ready !

The opinion of the dietician

This breakfast is very complete and will allow your child to have a late and lighter lunch. Indeed, it includes egg, dairy products in good quantity and a good source of energy with honey and bread.

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