Fever: the good reflexes

Fever: the good reflexes

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Your baby's thermometer shows a good 38 ° C. What to do: give him a warm bath or aspirin? When to consult? Test your knowledge with this quiz.

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Below 38 ° C fever does not require treatment.

That's right. It's wrong.


It is from 38 ° C that fever requires symptomatic treatment. Below, just be sure to relieve and hydrate your child. Most often, it is the sign of viral infections without gravity. Above 39 ° C fever can be poorly tolerated. The sudden rise in temperature, fortunately rare, is often the cause of convulsions. This brief crisis with jerky movements is impressive but usually gives way spontaneously in less than a minute. Protect your child by placing him in a sideways safety position, treat fever with paracetamol and call 15 promptly.