5 tips to help him fall asleep

5 tips to help him fall asleep

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Your baby is having his nights - short, for sure - for several weeks now ... You thought you had solved his sleep problems. But now he does not want to fall asleep anymore! Having understood that the night rhymed with separation, he needs to be reassured!

It is normal, your baby growing up realized that the night was a kind of black hole where he lost contact with his environment and with you in particular. He needs to be secured by an immutable "protocol" of falling asleep that allows him to anticipate his awakening where ... immutably also, he will find you.

1. Go to sleep, it's getting ready!

  • Prepare your baby to go to bed in the order of operations before bedtime. A bath if the water soothes, donning pajamas, last bottle and small game (calm) not to sleep at the beginning of his digestion. Especially avoid tickling games and other roulades that would only excite.
  • Make his room a place of happiness. If your baby still needs a feed before starting the fast of the night, give it to his room. Thus, this one will not be the place of the separation, but of the tenderness of your body to body.

3. His bed: a reassuring cocoon

  • Install him in his bed with some familiar toys. Maybe he already has a bear, or a favorite rag doll, maybe even a cuddly toy? Place it within reach of his hand so he does not have to look for it. If he likes to watch the door of his room, to see you out and especially to see you back in the morning, he appreciates having a bumper that recreates a reassuring cocoon. Sometimes you will find it curled up in an angle, your back against this fleece.

4. Nothing beats rituals

  • Everything must take place in ten minutes. If you linger too long, it will be difficult to spot the signals that tell him "good night".
  • Turn off the bright lights and keep only the lamp that allows you to move safely.
  • Sing him your little song, the one that rocks him since you gave him birth. It does not matter if you sing wrong, it's a fan of your voice: it's his cuddly song.
  • If you have not installed a lullaby, you can read a story to him by holding the book in front of his eyes. If he does not really react, do not stop, he is tired and sleep wins him, but he needs the sweet purr of your voice to let himself go ... otherwise, worry will prevail over exhaustion.
  • At the end of your chorus or your reading, give him a little kiss and accompany him with a "good night, see you tomorrow".
  • Your baby needs fixed landmarks, but he expects them from you as well as from his dad. Let the latter get involved, you will be some nights very happy to pass the hand ...

5. Retreat ... on tiptoes

  • Some babies like to be flanked by a blanket or a simple sheet. They feel so wrapped up as they were in your womb. Others like to finish calming their tensions of the day by stirring their body ... Follow his taste for swaddling or for the knitting of legs.
  • Turn off the last soft light, linger a few seconds in his room, time to pick up a book or his clothes to put in the dirty laundry basket ... The important thing is not to leave abruptly.

Reassure from a distance ... or come back to him

He does not agree for this fire extinction and cries? Do not go back to your room (unless you have felt a little feverish, in this case, come make sure it is not sick).

From the room where you are, give him some reassuring words: "I'm in the kitchen and I'm putting the dishes away, and sleep, I'm here."

He is not calmed so far? It's hard, but be firm and let him shout, it's also reassuring for him to know that parents have a law and they stick to it: it's a landmark!