Girl or boy, can we choose the sex of his child?

Girl or boy, can we choose the sex of his child?

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Choosing the sex of your child will soon be possible and legal. This is not new: candidates for the little girl or the little boy exclusively, you can always try the natural methods! A diet without salt, a ban on drinking milk, sexual intercourse on a full moon night ... there are many beliefs about choosing the sex of your child.

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Eating calcium would make it easier to have a girl.

It is true. It's wrong.


According to the method of Dr. François Papa, gynecologist-obstetrician, coauthor with Françoise Labro of the book "Choose the sex of your child", the more you will eat dairy products (at least 3/4 of a liter per day!), The more you will put them chances on your side to have a girl. You also have the right to bread, crackers without salt, cereals and fresh or frozen vegetables. But no cheese or preserves, and especially no salt!