Male fertility: what do you know?

Male fertility: what do you know?

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Contraception, fertility, infertility ... just a women's affair? In matters of procreation, would men not have their role to play? Scientific truths or received ideas? It's up to you to unravel the false truth by doing our quiz.

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It takes less than 1 month to make spermatozoa.

That's right. It's wrong.


Two and a half months, no less than that! This is the time that the process of making spermatozoa, spermatogenesis, which in man extends from puberty to normally advanced age takes.
Every day, male gametes are produced by tens of millions. They will spend several stages of transformation and maturation before coming to lodge in the seminal glands.
After this period of two and a half months, in the absence of ejaculation, the spermatozoa are confronted with a phenomenon of aging and finally end up being destroyed, having completely given up claiming the title of champion at fertilization.