Should we make politeness obligatory?

Should we make politeness obligatory?

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Bored by bad manners, the Mayor of Lhéraule, a small municipality of the Oise took, in November 2012, a municipal decree making politeness mandatory. The inhabitants who will go to the Town Hall will now have to be courteous, on pain of being escorted back to the exit.

  • " Hello good Bye thanks "... The 185 inhabitants of the municipality of Lhéraule, common Oise, are now asked to be polite with the employees of the City Council, under penalty of being accompanied to the exit! The Mayor, Gérard Plée, endorsed his decision by issuing a by-law.
  • Article 1 stipulates : "The users of the town hall of Lhéraule are required to comply with the observance of social standards in matters of politeness and courtesy (...), especially to greet those present when they enter the premises"
  • Displayed at the door of the town hall, the text is addressed to the "eternal disgruntled, spiteful, persecuted and other grumpy"

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