5 tips to calm your crying when nothing else works

5 tips to calm your crying when nothing else works

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Your baby is crying a lot and you do not know how to appease him? After making sure that he is not hungry or thirsty and that he is not sick, here are five ways to try to calm him gently ...

1) The position of the "Buddha"

  • Sit in your sofa or on your bed. Place your baby in front of you and support your head or upper back so that your chin is tucked in. Then gently fold your legs against your stomach, so that it adopts the position of the "Buddha". Stay a few minutes, without insisting if the position does not suit him. This posture is ideal for the first month and reassures babies who need to be content and who are not yet aware of the limits of their body.

2) The familiar sound

  • If during your pregnancy you used to listen to musicit is likely that your baby will remember it and enjoy hearing it again. He will remember the comfortable and protective moments he has spent in your belly. If you do not listen to music, there is still time to create a ritual. Choose a soft sound, such as a nursery rhyme, that you will make him listen to during your moments of exchange (bath, care, games ...). If he begins to cry, this music can soothe him.

3) The magic scarf

  • To calm the crying of your baby, the scarf can be of great help to you. On the stomach (up to 9 months), or in your back (from 9 months), he will appreciate being against you while discovering his environment. When using a sling, be sure to position it properly, the head properly held.

4) The swing to rock it

  • It's no secret, babies like to be rocked. If your arms are not enough to soothe your toddler, sit with him in the rocking chair or put him in a rocking chair. Rock it back and forth rather than from left to right on a regular basis. He will be surrounded and moving, as in your belly. Be careful, do not rock systematically to sleep, at the risk of creating an addiction.

5) The bath "souvenir"

  • Water, your baby loves! Up to 3 months, the bath can be useful to calm it when nothing else works. In contact with this element, he finds the sensations he felt in utero, in the amniotic fluid. You can share this bath with him, placing him on you, on his back, making sure he is not cold. He will discover his body and the limits of his movements.

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