5 useful apps when you have a baby

5 useful apps when you have a baby

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When baby is there, the young parent is sometimes overwhelmed. Fortunately, today there are a lot of applications to simplify life. In the image of these which prove very useful.

Baby Sittor: the app to find a trusted babysitter and pay online

  • Originally a Facebook group, the app connects trusted parents and babysitters through a referral system. Just post your ad and the available babysitters will contact you directly. It is also possible to geolocate babysitters near you.
  • Exit the problems of money at the end of babysitting because we pay in one click via the application and without commission.
  • Very useful also, Smart Alert function to prevent your favorite "babysittors" faster from the next dates.
  • WE love : the multitude of applications to find a trusted babysitter at the last minute near home.
  • We like less: difficult to retain the "babysittors".

> Baby Sittor for Android: Google Play

> Baby Sittor for iPhone: App Store

Night light: an app for falling asleep

  • When traveling or at a friend's house, it's not always easy to help your toddler sleep. Ideal for calming night apprehensions, this application diffuses soft and comforting lights. The night light automatically illuminates to soothe and help the child who wakes up to go back to sleep.
  • Thanks to its automatic sound-sensitive function, the night light starts when your baby is crying or fidgeting.
  • A timer function also allows you to set how long you want the night light to stay on, before it goes out.
  • WE love : the sound detection that turns on the night light without the need to intervene.
  • We like less: the adverts a little too recurrent ...

> Night light for Android: Google Play

> Night light for iPhone: App Store

BabyPhone: the app that warns you if baby is crying

  • You are at a friend's house and you forgot your babyphone, this application will save your life. BabyPhone picks up baby crying and warns you by calling on another phone. Just install the application on your devices, smartphone or tablet.
  • If you do not have a WiFi network, the baby monitor also works with 3G / 4G.
  • In case of crying, it is also possible to communicate directly with the baby via the microphone and thus soothe it.
  • Twelve night lights in the form of cat, sheep and ladybug are proposed to sleep baby.
  • WE love : the ability to adjust the sound sensitivity to filter small noises.
  • We like less: only one month free trial.

> BabyPhone for Android: Google Store

> BabyPhone for iPhone: App Store

Breastfeeding follow-up: the app to organize baby feedings

  • Did he eat enough? How often do you feed him? So many questions that accompany breastfeeding. With this smart app, you'll be able to track all feeds with a breastfeeding and sleep timer to better understand baby's rhythm.
  • If you have to draw your milk to make an evening with girlfriends, the application will also help you to define the amount collected from each breast.
  • Another advantage is that everything is recorded safely in the baby's diary: no risk of forgetting valuable information during visits to the pediatrician!
  • WE love : reminders to give the time of the next feeding.
  • We like less: follow-ups that may be lacking, especially when it comes to a premature baby.

> Breastfeeding Monitoring for Android: Google Play

> Breastfeeding Tracker for iPhone: App Store

Baby Connect: a shared app for baby tracking

  • At what time did he drink his bottle? Did he have any bowel movements today? When to make the next vaccine? How long has he slept today? With this app, all this valuable data is now at your fingertips.
  • In order to facilitate transmissions, it is even possible to send this information to the maternal assistant and grandparents.
  • Thanks to the stopwatch, you can measure the duration of naps, meals, feedings, etc.
  • Numerous statistics and graphs make it possible to visualize the average number of dirty diapers, the average duration of baby bottles per day, the number of hours of sleep per day ...
  • WE love : be able to sync the app with your spouse.
  • We like less: the application is still paying and the price more expensive if you have an iPhone (5.49 euros on the App Store and 3.89 euros on Android) than a Samsung.

> Baby Connect for Android: Google Play

> Baby Connect for iPhone: App Store

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