And if it was grandma's nanny?

And if it was grandma's nanny?

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Your maternity leave is coming to an end and this is panic: you have found no solution to keep your little treasure. The cribs are full, no maternal assistants are available in your neighborhood and you can not find a family for shared custody. Why not solicit your own family ... and have your grandmother babysit.


  • We have confidence. Who did not get the hang of it when it came to finding a fashion solution and trusting someone, or a team, that we do not know? Not easy to leave your baby - especially the first - to an unknown person, even if she is a recognized professional. With his mother, or his mother-in-law, we know who we are dealing with! She has already raised children ... we trust!
  • Ultimate. A grandma will do everything for his descendants! Cuddles galore, small dishes cooked with love, irreproachable security, patience to any test and attention at all times.
  • A grandma quibbles less. A dental flare, conjunctivitis ... chicken pox and it's a disaster! But at his grandma, even with fever, we can go! In addition, the risk of catching microbes is lower than in the community.
  • It reassures. Toddlers need reassurance and being cared for by her grandma is part of a reassuring emotional relationship.
  • Free service. Or less expensive. Daycare costs are a significant budget, and this option has the advantage of being economical. Without abusing the situation.


  • Each his role. To be able to benefit fully from this type of care, it is necessary that the good agreement remains within the family and that each keeps his place. A grandma should not interfere with the kind of education you want to give to your children and you have to put the limits to her nanny role. If you know her temperament, you are afraid that she will go overboard ... or if, knowing your temperament, you think you have trouble expressing her wishes and possible remarks ... it may be better to refrain from calling on her.
  • Strict rules. It's not because it's your mother, or mother-in-law, that she has to do what she wants! Even before the beginning of your collaboration, you must specify your educational principles: nap time, pacifier or not, meals at fixed times, types of meals ...
  • Watch out for the rivalry. No, your mother is not going to steal your child even if the risk of overstepping its role is not excluded ... A grandmother will claim a greater experience than yours, but that's not why she will be right!
  • Watch out for abuse. Availability must not rhyme with subjugation. You're stuck in the subway, traffic jams ... no big deal, granny is here! It's convenient not to have this time constraint, but granny, she has a life too! And a health to preserve ...

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