Are you ignorant about his diet?

Are you ignorant about his diet?

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How to give the best to your child when he grows up? The answers to this quiz will bring you the ingredients for a successful diet.

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What is "neophobia"?

It's the disgust of new foods. It's the fear of sitting down to eat.


Between 2 and 10 years, 77% of children refuse to spontaneously taste foods they do not know. This is called neophobia. This is a normal step. It's also a manifestation of their period of "no". If a food is spit out, it does not mean that your child will hate it all his life. We must propose again one to two weeks later a food refused, possibly in another form (pieces of zucchini in a pasta dish instead of mashed ...). It is this phenomenon of familiarization that will one day perhaps, your child will eat cauliflower. Finally, remember that if a child does not want to eat a food, it should not be replaced by another. He will eat better at the next meal.