5. Twisted ballerinas

5. Twisted ballerinas

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A small twist on the top and here are simple ballerinas that do not miss relief. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in place jersey and fancy stitch, in a soft cotton and acrylic thread.

Size: 3 months


Phildar knitting yarn, "Cabotine" quality (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Heather.

Aig. n ° and n ° 3,5. 2 ea. twisted. 2 buttons.

Points used

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

Ribs 1/1: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. *

Fancy stitch (on a multiple number of 6 + 1 + selvedges)

1st rg: * 1 m. end., 2 m. ens. to the end., 1 Yard, 1 st. end., 1 thrown, 1 single overcast * 1 m. end.

2nd rg and even rgs: approx.

3rd rg: * 2 m. end., 1 simple overcast, 1 thrown, 2 m. end. * 1 m. end.

5th rg: to the end.

7th rg: * 1 m. end., 5 m. Crosswise (= put 2 sts on the cable with 1 pair of cables on the back, put the next piece on a cable tie in the front, work the next 2 sts at the end and then the dc. placed in front and finally the m. placed behind) * 1 m. end.

9th rg: resume at 1st rg.


A square 10 cm stitch, aig. No. 3.5 = 27 m. and 32 rows.


For the sole, cast on 37 sts. # 3. Tric. in garter st in inc. from the 3rd rg, all 2 rgs 4 fs 4 m. : 1 m. at 1 m. from each end and 1 m. on each side of the 2 m. central = 53 m. For the turn of the foot, knit. 10 rows of fancy stitch, ea. No. 3,5 in comm. the 1st row by: 1 m. Lily, 2 m. end. then the 5th m.

For the top of the foot, leave the first 23 yards, cont. only on the 7 m. centers: 6 sts in stocking st, 1 st in crossing 5 sts. central as for the fancy point then term. in jersey end. Simultaneously, tric. together at the end of each rg the last m. from above and the 1st of m. waiting on the sides 8 fs. It remains 15 m. waiting on each side. Cut the thread. Put all the m. on the same aig. then with the aig. n ° 3, tric. 2 rows of ribs 1/1 and rab.

Close the heel and the sole.

Creation: Juliette Liétar