Diaper rash: what you need to know

Diaper rash: what you need to know

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Redness, irritation ... diaper rash is common in a baby. Her small buttocks are fragile and subject to many attacks. Causes, prevention, good reflexes ... little quiz for a peach skin.

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There are several types of diaper rash?

That's right. It's wrong.


There are two types diaper rash quite distinct. The first is usually due to a microbe, it preferably reaches the folds of the skin. It takes on a characteristic Y shape and has a red, shiny and oozing appearance. It requires a consultation with your doctor.
The second, the erythema of the fleshy parts - buttocks, lower abdomen, upper thighs, genital area - has only rarely a microbial cause. It results from a chemical or physical aggression such as excessive friction, and causes various irritations and redness. Its special location, limited to the area covered by the exchange, earned him the name of "dermatitis W". It can be handled easily with frequent changes and protection of the seat adapted.