Pregnant, balance your plate

Pregnant, balance your plate

Nausea, cravings, disgusts due to hormonal hyper-secretion of pregnancy ... pregnant, your diet is struggling to stay balanced! But your baby and you need that balance.

The essentials on your plate

  • The Fatty acids play a vital role in the renewal of your cells during your pregnancy. At the moment, they breed at high speed.
  • Where do I find them? In vegetable oils.
  • The iron is essential to re-invigorate your red blood cells, avoid anemia and fatigue.
  • Where do I find it? In all meats, especially red, and pulses.
  • The calcium : pregnant, your needs are 1,200 mg per day not to weaken your bone capital.
  • Where do I find it? In dairy products, but also in vegetables.
  • The vitamin B 9 (folate) is essential for the formation of the nervous system of your future baby.
  • Where do I find it? In vegetables with very green leaves.
  • The vitamins are all essential for their "whiplash" effect, but also because some contribute to the absorption of iron and calcium ...
  • Where do I find them? All foods have them.

Welcome to your plate

  • The fibers which stimulate your lazy bowels due to the distension of your tissues by progesterone.

The unwanted on your plate

  • Attention to overconsumption of fast sugars and of animal fat (often "hidden" in cooked dishes) make you take extra pounds really superfluous.

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