Pregnant, how many meals a day?

Pregnant, how many meals a day?

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During pregnancy, eating well is a priority. What is the ideal number of meals to take daily? How to do if you have lunch at work and in a short time? We take stock.

A good distribution of meals

  • Some women have periods of cravings, others on the contrary lack of appetite, have nausea.
  • Here is what generally best suits mothers: three main meals (morning, noon and night) and a snack. This distribution of meals reduces nausea in early pregnancy, as well as feelings of heaviness or swelling after meals. Afternoon tea helps to avoid cravings and snacking. Do not skip breakfast, you could suffer from hypoglycaemia in the late morning. Even if you work, you can take a yogurt, an apple, a cereal bar or some cookies, the important thing is that the quantity and balance of the day are respected.


More and more women, and therefore expectant mothers, are eating out of their homes and often in less than half an hour. Deleting or over-reducing the lunch break is not recommended. Here are some examples to get balanced eating and avoid some mistakes.

Lunch of a sandwich

  • Prefer bread with cereals or bis rather than white or Viennese bread; ham, chicken, tuna, cheese, beef, eggs rather than cold cuts. Do not forget the vegetables: tomatoes, salad, carrots, cucumber, pickled peppers ... Finally, eat a dairy and compote without added sugars or a fruit, possibly a pastry from time to time. Drink, drink water or milk if you do not take milk. Dinner with vegetables, fruits and yoghurt will make up for lunch.

Pasta or pizza?

  • The pizza dough and tagliatelle contain carbohydrates that will allow you to spend the afternoon without being hungry. Choose the toppings made of vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, onions ...) and cheese (goat, blue ...). Meat and fish are not essential if the pizza is parmesan or egg. To avoid: excess sauce of some pasta preparations and too much spicy oil because even olive oil is rich in fat.

A salad composed

  • It may not be enough: it all depends on the size of the salad and its composition. The salad must contain starchy foods (pasta, rice, potatoes, lentils) to be nutritious and avoid hunger too quickly; otherwise, accompany her with bread. Add vegetables, cheese and meat or fish, and possibly some nuts, almonds or dried fruits, seasoned with a rapeseed or nut oil vinaigrette. After the salad, the cheese can be replaced by a yogurt. Finish the meal with a fruit or keep it for the afternoon.

Eating an apple and a yogurt

  • A fruit and a dairy make up the menu of a snack not that of a lunch, especially during the pregnancy. Remember, you must feed your baby too. Only one way: eat enough.

The company restaurant

  • This is of course the best solution that allows you to eat well and relatively quickly, for example by choosing a dish with an appetizer or dessert. Choose raw vegetables for starter, fruit or dairy for dessert, and mix vegetables and starchy foods to accompany meat or fish.

Varying is easy ...

With a varied and sufficient food, including all categories of food, neither your baby nor you will miss anything. Do not make meals of the type: sardines, eggs, steak, cheese (too rich), or a meal of the type: grapefruit, spinach, pear (too lean); or rice salad, grated spaghetti and bananas, that is to say, a concentrate of carbohydrates.

Eat everything regularly, every day: fish, eggs, meat, dairy products (cheese, yogurts, milk), fruits and vegetables, etc.

Expectant mothers sometimes have trouble digesting a dish of fish, meat or egg at the evening meal. If this is the case, replace them from time to time with legumes and an extra portion of milk; you will have your ration of protein and calcium.

Article from the book "I'm expecting a child" by Laurence Pernoud.

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