Pregnant: 3 tips to choose your shoes this summer

Pregnant: 3 tips to choose your shoes this summer

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With the heat and your belly rounding, your feet swell and are subjected to a severe test. What shoes to wear to ensure a good fit? What are the models to avoid? Sophie Cecile, pedicurist and chiropodist in Paris, gives us some advice.

1. Heels ... in moderation

  • During your pregnancy, avoid wearing high heels beyond 6 cm as they create instability. You could be sprained. In addition, by forcing you to accentuate your arch, high heels can also cause back pain.

2. Flip flops, bad for venous return

  • For your comfort and avoid a sprain, especially in late pregnancy, opt for shoes that hold your feet well, for example with a strap that surrounds your ankle. This is why you will avoid flip-flops and ballerinas, at least daily because their extra-flat soles do not allow a satisfactory venous return. They can also weaken your tendons.
  • If you can not do without it, try at least to alternate with the days with models that keep you better.

3. Care for your arch

  • In order to facilitate venous return, your shoes must fit properly your arch. The ideal is to choose a model with a thickness in addition to that level, a reinforced vault that dampens shocks. You can also put soles specially designed to relieve the arch.

Inflated feet? Dip them!

Your feet swell with heat? To relax, nothing better than dipping in a basin of cold water with coarse salt. A grandmother's remedy that works every time.

Stéphanie Letellier

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