DVD children 3-5 years old: our selection

DVD children 3-5 years old: our selection

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A DVD, good idea! Here is our selection to find you there and be sure to offer a quality film. For each one, we propose you a small sheet with the history and what makes the film attractive for the children.

Monsters Academy

They are all more awful than our favorite monsters! And they come out in DVD and 3D Blu-ray for our greatest pleasure. At the Monsters Academy, we're not here to laugh ... whatever!

A monstrously funny movie!

Ernest and Celestine

The adventures of Ernest, the bear badly licked, and Celestine the little mouse full of mischief, are finally adapted! Your child will love ... and you too.

A film from 4 years old.

Nemo in 3D

Magnificent ! The World of Nemo, the most successful Disney-Pixar invites us to a spectacular dive into the ocean. To live with your family through the adventures of a fearless little fish and his daddy hen ...

A movie to dream.

The Ice Age 4, Continental Drift

What happiness to find Scrat the squirrel, Manny the mammoth, Diego the tiger, and Sid the lazy are in this new adventure confronted with a global catastrophe: the drift of the continents .... Whose fault is it ? A Scrat, of course! Hilarious ! For your little cinephile from 4 years

A film that warms ... laughter!


By the director of the Ice Age, here is a movie full of pep's that will delight your little movie buff from 4 years old. Spot the colors, the music and a story full of twists.

A movie full of pep's.

Emilie Jolie

As a child, you have surely hummed the tunes of this cult musical tale written by Philippe Chatel. You will be happy to find the voices of Julien Clerc, George Brassens, Henri Salvador ... To see from 3 years.

A moving film.

Happy Feet 2 and Big point and little point

Two films to discover with your toddler from 4 years or 2 years. One is at the North Pole and the other comes straight from Sweden. Quick, find out!

2 funny movies.


A wolf, a monster or a dragon, you know ... but a Gruffalo? A real phenomenon in the Channel, this adaptation of a huge bookstore success was nominated at the Oscars 2011 and awarded at the Annecy 2010 festival. A film to see from 4 years.

A monster movie.

Shrek 4, he was an end

Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Shrek 3 ... and vl'a Shrek 4 now. It's not a bit too much? But admit that toddlers love this ogre. And we, too! To see with family from 4 years, especially if your child has seen the precedents.

A hilarious film.

Santa's apprentice

The movies, he loves. And talk about Santa, he does not get tired. So think, a tender and colorful story about this good old gentleman with a white beard ... Success assured from 3 years.

A tender film.

The Tales of the Night

Every night, a girl, a boy and an old technician find themselves in a small cinema that seems abandoned, but is full of wonders ... This movie by Michel Ocelot will delight your movie buff as of 4 years.

A poetic film.

The Moomins and the comet hunt

Funny little trolls and all round ... it's the Moomins! One day, Moomin notices something strange in the valley. Everything is covered with gray dust ... A nice movie to watch with your child from 3 years.

A funny film from 3 years old.

Our selection 5-11 years old.

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