Have a good time together

Have a good time together

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Holidays are above all the pleasure of being together. What if he spends his time watching small animals? If your big one asks you to learn to read or your little one spends his time on the lap of his grandpa? Our quiz.

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1. Since this morning, your cute is busy on the terrace to ... crush the ants.

at. You let it go. It's his age. b. You tell him he is not nice at all. c. You take the opportunity to talk to him about small animals, life, death ...


It is normal that these little animals fascinate him. And your child is not mean, he does not know what he's doing. This is a great opportunity to address for the first time what is alive and what is dead ... and spend a good time watching with him these tiny insects. Provided he wants to listen to you ...



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