4 tips to fight against dust mites in your room

4 tips to fight against dust mites in your room

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Limit the proliferation of mites is highly recommended in the baby room: nothing says that it will necessarily be allergic to these microscopic creatures, but prevention is better than cure ...

Mites: understanding them to better fight them

  • Mites are arachnids. In other words, they are part of the same family as the spiders. Their favorite food: small fragments of dead skin, hair, nail debris ... They also like the humidity and heat: do away with the idea of ​​using a steam cleaner to eliminate them. Not only will it not work, but it will promote their proliferation.
  • In any case, killing them is not enough: the allergic reaction is triggered by the excrement and corpses of mites. We must find solutions to minimize the proliferation of these small animals while eliminating allergenic elements.

1. Limit the proliferation of mites by controlling the temperature of the chamber

  • The first anti-mite tip is to maintain a reasonable temperature in the baby's room, around 18 or 19 ° C. It's too "cool" to encourage the mites to proliferate while being warm enough so that baby does not catch cold. The icing on the cake: this temperature favors the falling asleep of baby and its good sleep ... What to ask for more?

2. Against dust mites, control moisture

  • Dust mites love wetlands, but do not over-dry the air: dry air could irritate the baby's airways.
  • Ideally, the humidity level of his room should be between 50 and 55% to limit the proliferation of mites and that of various microbes ... You can assess the humidity of the baby room with a device called hygrometer. If necessary, you can then adjust the rate with a humidifier or air dehumidifier.
  • Also remember to ventilate the nursery every day by opening the windows a few minutes to clean the air and evacuate moisture from the walls.

3. Anti-mite control: halt to dust nests

  • Exit carpet, carpets or double curtains very heavy: the mites love to lodge in everything that looks like near or far to a nest with dust ... For the nursery, prefer rather linoleum or parquet nailed.
  • Also think of plastic and wood furniture, to clean with a damp cloth to "capture" the dust.
  • Side curtain, curtains or a plastic blackout curtain will do very well, especially since they wash easily.
  • As for stuffed animals, store them in an airtight plastic box when baby is not using them and wash them regularly in a machine if possible at 60 ° C (the rinse water will pick up the droppings and dead mites) ), after placing them in the freezer (the cold snap will limit the proliferation of mites).

4. Bedding at the top against mites

  • Avoid pillows or feather duvets: bet on synthetic, silk or anti-mite stamped products.
  • Mattress side, the ideal is to invest in an anti-mite cover: it prevents the allergenic substances of mites to come into contact with baby. C
  • After washing, put again on a machine passage at 60 ° C ideally.
  • Note finally that it is not very useful to vacuum on the mattress: it removes only 10% of mites about ...