3 small games to live well the crisis of 8 months

3 small games to live well the crisis of 8 months

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Help your baby get through the "8-month crisis" by improvising with him little games that can lead him to control his anxiety of separation.

  • Your baby was very sociable ... and now he starts screaming, clinging to you as soon as he encounters a known or unknown face. Your child is going through a crucial stage of his psychic development that specialists call the "8-month crisis". Today, it occurs sometimes earlier. Prove that what is out of sight is not lost!

1. Hide and Seek

  • In your baby's eyes, you exist through your face. All you have to do is put a tissue on your head so that it feels like you're gone.
  • The first few times you play "Where's Mom?" ... "Hello, here it is!", Quickly follow the hidden phase and the new phase. So your baby will not have time to worry.
  • Secured little by little, he will consider this game of hide and seek very fun and you can extend the moment where you remain invisible ... or even hide it too.

2. Buffer cover

  • He is sitting on his carpet in the middle of his toys. Take hold of one of them and hide it under another toy, under a cushion, a blanket ... leave a piece of it behind so that your toddler has the pleasure of picking it up (on all fours) or on your stomach!).
  • There is no point in hiding the toy. The game is also funny and is more likely to be successful if you do the manipulation under your eyes.

3. Cache-tac

  • Have a big alarm clock, your kitchen timer ... the important thing is that the object makes noise.
  • Hide it in a box, under a cushion ... Of course, your baby will find it very quickly, with the help of ticking or voices coming out of the device. But above all, he will have learned that even when he does not see them, things (and people surely too!) Continue to exist.

Karine Ancelet