Pioupiou hedgehog comforter and wonders

Pioupiou hedgehog comforter and wonders

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We love the quality of manufacture of this blanket with beautiful materials. Simple, it consists of a square velvet terry ultra-soft lined labels of different materials ideal to chew and hung on a stylized hedgehog. Clever, the square folds into the belly of the hedgehog to turn it into stuffed stuffed.

  • Sun.: 25 cm, polyester and acrylic.
  • His price : 17,90 €.
  • Where to find it: www.pioupiou-et-merveilles.com

Approved for its look

The opinion of mothers.

Catherine (Saint-Sixt), mother of Elyot and Tom, 5 months.

  • "He has plenty of strengths, he is at the same time funny, attractive, practical to seize and soft to the touch. It's hard to find such a toy for toddlers. I offer it to my sons every time I put them on their wake up mat. They love to manipulate it in all directions and have visibly adopted it. "

Solène (Carquefou), mother of Arthur, 3 years old, and Juliette, 3 months old.

  • "I thought to dedicate this blanket to my daughter, who was immediately attracted by its colors, but it is rather Arthur who is appropriate. He loves turning him into a hedgehog and telling himself stories. This evolutionary side, stuffed comforter, is really well seen. "

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