Divorce: your rights memo

Divorce: your rights memo

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You have decided to separate or plan to do so and you have many questions. How much does a divorce cost, what are the accessible supports? Do children have rights? The point with master Pascale Lalère, lawyer.

Divorce procedure: a lawyer is required

  • Even in the case of divorce by mutual consent, you need a lawyer. The price of the operation depends on the nature of the divorce (mutual consent, conflict, break of the conjugal bond ...). The more complex the situation, the higher the fees of the lawyer (however rarely less than 1500 € even by mutual consent).
  • Since January 1, 2013, a fee agreement must be established. It allows to know the usual tariffs for this type of procedures.
  • Our advice: try to negotiate a fixed price beforehand covering the consultations, the filing of the request, the representation at the hearings ...

Legal aid may be granted

  • In case of insufficient resources to cover these expenses (whether you are a defender or an applicant). Apply to the legal aid office of the High Court.
  • In case of resources less than 900 € net per month and if one benefits from the RMI or from the additional allocation of the National Solidarity Fund, it is possible to benefit from a total help (it will be partial for the resources inferior to 1400 € net).

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