3 boxes to live serenely breastfeeding

3 boxes to live serenely breastfeeding

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3 boxes to live serenely breastfeeding

BBleché launches 3 boxes to facilitate breastfeeding and make it more comfortable everyday.

The serenity box (photo) consists of a breast pump, a storage pot, a bottle, pads soothing and absorbent, nipple protection, Lansinoh cream, herbal tea, a apron and a breastfeeding bracelet. 149 € delivery included.

The tranquility box: its content is identical to the serenity box, with the exception of the breast pump, the bottle and the storage pot. 99 € delivery included.

The box simplicity: for a comfortable and effective breastfeeding, it contains absorbent pads, Lansinoh cream, herbal tea and nursing apron. 49 € delivery included.

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