3. Babies with stripes

3. Babies with stripes

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These slippers align three stripes in pastel shades to put the softness at the feet of your baby. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in stocking jersey.

Size: 3 months


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Cabotage" (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Foam, 1 pel. collar. Pistachio, Heather and Sand.

Aig. # 3. 2 pressures.

Points used

Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Jersey end. striped: 2 rows Pistache, 2 rows Foam, 2 rows Bruyère, 2 rows Foam, 2 rows Sand.

Simple overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 1 m. end. on which we rab. the m. crept

Double overcasting: 1 m. slipped, 2 m. together end. on which we rab. the m. crept


The slippers are tric. in one piece comm. by the sole.

Go up 35 m. Ecume, aig. # 3. Tric. in jersey end. :

3rd row: 1 st, 1 st, 16 st, 1 increase, 1 st, 1 increase, 16 st, 1 increase, 1 st.

5th row: 2 sts, 1 increase, 16 sts, 1 increase, 3 sts, 1 increase, 16 sts, 1 increase, 2 sts.

Seventh row: 3 sts., Inc. 1 st, 16 sts., Inc 1 st, 5 sts., 1 inc., 16 sts., 1 inc., 3 sts. = 47 m.

Trick the rg back to the end. on the approx. of the trav. then the 10 rows of the jersey end. striped then term. in Ecume.

To form the top of the foot, knit. then: 13 sts, (1 simple suture) 5 sts, 1 sts, (2 sts) 5 sts, 13 sts. = 37 m. Tric. 1 row then: 13 sts. (1 simple seam) 2 sts, 3 sts., (2 sts) 2 sts, 13 sts. = 33 m.

Rab. in tric. to the end. on the approx.

Fold the slipper to close the sole and the heel.

Button placket: cast on 34 sts. Ecume, aig. # 3. Tric. 1 rg end. and rab. in tric. the m. to the end. on the approx. Sew the rg of assembly of one end on 1 cm above the seam of the heel. Sew the pressure to close the leg.

Fit the paw of the 2nd slipper in vis-à-vis.

Creation: Juliette Liétar


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