30 first names in A originals

30 first names in A originals

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Do not want to call her Emma, ​​Andrea or Lea, but looking for a name ending in A anyway? Fill up on ideas!

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30 names in original A (30 photos)


This sweet name comes from the Latin lilium meaning "lily", a plant symbolizing purity. He hides an easy and communicative personality. To celebrate the 27th of July. More about this name


This is the first name chosen by Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied for their daughter born February 22, 2017. Derived from Amélie, this name full of sweetness comes from the Germanic "amal", meaning effort, energy. Your little girl will undoubtedly be both sensitive and combative. To celebrate December 17th. More about this name


Contraction of Louise and Loïc or from the Germanic "hold wig" (illustrious fighter), this name is original and hides a stubborn and voluntary girl. To celebrate March 15th. More about this name


Unique and precious ... this is what this Hawaiian name means. He hides a kind and romantic little girl. Please ? More about this name


From the Greek "gè", the earth, and "aia", the grandmother, Gaia is the goddess and the personification of the Earth, called Mother Earth. This common name in Italy hides a combative and stubborn personality. To celebrate September 29th. More about this name


This name of Greek origin means "the most beautiful". In mythology, Callisto was a nymph of great beauty who was seduced by Zeus. This name hides a dynamic personality and daredevil. His birthday: October 14th. More about this name


From the Greek "theos" meaning God, this rare name hiding a stubborn and courageous girl might please you ... To celebrate December 19th. More about this name


A name close to Assia, meaning "the one who heals and comforts" in Arabic. This is a name full of charm that hides a passionate and determined girl. More about this name


Rare first name, Eolia comes from the Greek mythology and means "home of Aeolus, the master and the steward of the winds". He hides an optimistic and independent personality. His birthday: November 10th. More about this name


This name of Arabic origin means "providence, care, attention". At the end, a calm and dreamy character. To celebrate February 7th. More about this name

She has

Undoubtedly one of the many diminutives of the name Eleonore, from the Hebrew Elinora which means "God". The little Elléa are communicative and joyful. To celebrate June 25th. More about this name


This ancient Persian name refers to the elements: earth, air, fire and water. In Hawaiian, it means "calm" or "goddess of the Moon". A name full of promise for a little girl secret enough but determined! More about this name


Derived from Keziah, Kesia comes from Arabic and refers to a loved one ... from the word "kanz" which means treasure. To use in feminine or masculine! He hides an epicurean and sensitive personality. More about this name


"Claire, pure, luminous" ... that's the meaning of this beautiful Arabic name. He hides a calm and calm character, always in search of harmony. More about this name


Looking for an original name? Adelia is for you! It comes from the Germanic word "adal" which means noble. Side character, it hides a girl at once hyper active and delicate. His birthday: December 24th. More about this name


Want a short name? Scandinavian, Déa means "goddess", nothing less. For a resourceful and confident girl in her. More about this name


Rare, this Basque name comes from the verb "nahi", to desire. He hides a sensitive and dreamy personality. To celebrate May 8th. More about this name


From the Latin "caecus", meaning blind, Celia is a common name in Spain, Italy and the English-speaking countries. With us, it is more rare and could seduce you. He hides an extrovert and charismatic girl. To celebrate November 22nd. More about this name


Variant of Mary, Mahalia is inspired by the Hebrew Mar'yäm, translating as "Princess of the Sea". For a little girl overflowing with enthusiasm and confidence. To celebrate August 15th. More about this name


Double origin for this name that means "curious" in Malagasy and comes from the word "lily" in Latin. Choose your favorite! Your little girl will undoubtedly have a strong character and a certain charm. To celebrate with Lea on March 22nd. More about this name


From the Latin "lion" and the contraction of the short names "Leo" & "Lia", here is another choice of original name! On the personality side, charm and sensitivity dominate. More about this name


Of Latin origin, Léria translates as "an eagle". He can give himself to a girl like a boy and hide a character both passionate and generous. More about this name


Sun in Persian, quoted in Hebrew ... a rare name with a certain charm that hides a spirit of independence and a little girl (or a little boy) to whom it is difficult to resist. More about this name


Derived from Agnès, Ania comes from the Latin "agnus", meaning lamb or purity. He hides a sweet and generous girl. To celebrate January 21st. More about this name


An original choice, this name of Latin origin which means "blind". Sensitive, the Cylia are also small tornadoes everyday. To celebrate November 22nd. More about this name


Feminine of Brian, this name of Irish origin comes from the word "bri" meaning nobility. Still rare among us, it could seduce you. In the key, a girl secret enough, but determined. To celebrate December 17th. More about this name


In Basque, this first name means "God is my light". It is pronounced Lao-ri-yah and hides a playful and creative character. More about this name


Basque, Japanese and Polynesian at the same time, who says better? For some, it means "absolute, perfection", for the other "night rain" ... For a girl with a strong personality and pragmatic. To celebrate May 22nd. More about this name


Feminine Dean, here is an English name still rare at home. It means "pure, divine, perfect", what a program! Perfect for a girl full of confidence and dynamic. To celebrate June 9th. More about this name


Hungarian form of Helen, Ilona comes from the Greek word "elê" which means luminous. And it is a ray of sunshine that awaits you with its cheerful and direct character. His birthday: August 18th. More about this name

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