Cook healthy and at a low price

Cook healthy and at a low price

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The diet budget of your little family flies? The basic ingredients of a balanced kitchen are not the most expensive. Put the milk, egg and potato back in your menus. To satisfy your gourmets like your wallet.

Milk: a solid foundation

  • Of course, milk is the main food of your baby, but its calcium intake is also essential for children and pregnant women.
  • To adapt our milk-based recipes, replace cow's milk with first-aged milk until 6 months of your baby, with milk aged up to 12 months, then with milk up to 6 years. On the other hand, do not replace it with soy, almond or other milk. These products do not provide the essential nutrients for your child's health.
  • In case of intolerance to lactose, only your doctor can advise you a suitable substitute and possibly food supplements to avoid deficiencies.
  • After 6 years, offer your child milk or dairy products whole milk, not skim or semi-skimmed: its fatty acids are essential for the proper development of the nervous system. Finally, if your child is reluctant to swallow his bowl of milk at breakfast, enjoy all the recipes that contain it for him to consume.

Budget tip

From about € 0.55 per liter for a distributor brand, to € 1.60 per liter for a growth milk: milk remains an affordable staple. Buy the right amount for the consumption of your family because it will not keep long once opened. And always compare the prices per liter of the labels of the different packages.

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