2 children out of 3 badly attached by car

2 children out of 3 badly attached by car

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More than 20 years after the entry into force of the obligation to attach children by car, 2 out of 3 children are still badly or not attached. Figures down but still worrying.

  • 20 years after the law Forcing children to be tied up by car, a joint Road Safety investigation found that 2 out of 3 children are still poorly attached or not bound by car. Figures down, but still worrying.
  • The study notes mainly installation faults car seats and misplacement of toddlers in these (poorly placed harness, belt under the arm of the child, twisted strap ...).

Security rules reminder

  • Follow the installation instructions and check regularly that everything is in place.
  • Retend once a month the seatbelt because it will take the game as you go.
  • Never twist the belt in his passage around the seat. In case of shock, it would compromise its restraint.
  • Never put the belt under the child's armhe would be badly protected.
  • Remove the jacket from your childthis gives play to the harness.
  • Adjust the harness straps to your baby : you must be able to pass a finger between the 2.
  • Always deactivate the airbag when you install it in the front, back to the road.
  • Do not delay to replace one car seat for another if it is worn or unsuitable for your child's age.
  • Finally, always tie your child even for a short distance.

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