Nursery: managing mother-child separation

Nursery: managing mother-child separation

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How does the phase of separation between the mother and the child take place when she arrives in a nursery? How to manage children who do not want to separate from their mom? The video responses of Emilie Brossier, early childhood educator.

How to manage children who do not want to separate from their moms upon arrival?

Children who do not want to separate from their mothers on arrival at the nursery ... Exactly, the role of the educator is to go to this child, to explain that it has its place at the nursery, that his mother or his dad put him in this nursery because he needs a mode of reception, because he needs to work or to do other activities and that he can count on us for to reassure him, to be there at key moments of the day, that his dad or mom will return at night to look for him, that he will not be abandoned.

And in the structure where we work, we set up a corner "cuckoo", it is a small piece of furniture placed in front of the window, the parents necessarily pass in front to leave the structure. Children love this area because they can say "goodbye" to their parents. And so, this is one of the ways we found to reassure them and so that they can say goodbye to their parents.

Afterwards, if a child cries too much, we will take him on our knees, we will reassure him, explain what happened. That's it, I think the main thing is to talk to him, to reassure him.