25. Bird comforter

25. Bird comforter

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Hummingbird or bird of paradise, this one will be delighted to nest in your baby's cradle and become his best friend. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, it is knitted in jersey place with crocheted paws.

Dimensions: approximately 16 x 13 cm


Phildar knitting yarn, "Phil Thalassa" quality (75% cotton, 25% lyocell): 1 pel. collar. Meringue.

Aig. 3.5 mm. Hook n ° 3. Synthetic filling.

Employee point

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *


For the middle of the back, cast on 24 sts. on an auxiliary wire that will be unraveled. Tric. in jersey end. next. the grid: increase ts the 2 rows to the right 4 fs 1 m. and on the left 8 fs 1 m.

From the 13th row on the right hand side, set the 2 rows: 4 sts 1 st, 1 sts 10 sts. and 2 fs 2 m. = 18 m.

At 32nd rg share the trav. in 3 and term each leg separately: increase 1 m. at the beginning of the 3rd and 5th rows, Sun 1 m. at the end of the 3rd and 5th rows. Rab. 1 m. at each end of the 7th row. Tric. 1 rg and rab.

Untwist the rg of assembly, take the 24 m. and tric. the 2nd part vis-à-vis the 1st.


Fold the work. 2. Close the turn leaving an opening. Fill with stuffing. Close the opening. Pinch the front of the head to form a "horn". Prick the base. Embroider an eye.

Tail: crochet a chain of 30 m. For the end of the tail, make (4 ml, 1 cubic meter on each) 3 sts then 1 sl st on each of the 30 sts and (4 sts, 1 sl st on each side) 3 sts. Stop.

Sew the middle of the tail on the lower back.

Creation: Patricia Antoine

Download and print the diagram.


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