22. Bouffante panties

22. Bouffante panties

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A little touch of fantasy for this well-made panties: a small border of contrasting color highlights the border. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, she is knitted in jersey place with a crochet border.

Sizes: 3 (6-12) months


Phildar knitting yarn, quality "Phil Ecolo" (100% recycled polyester): 2 (2 - 3) pel. collar. Kraft; quality "Phil cotton 3" (100% cotton): 1 pel. collar. Dew.

Aig. 3.5 mm. 1 ea. twisted. Hook n ° 2,5. 45 (50 - 55) cm of flat elastic 2.5 cm wide.

Points used

Jersey end. : * 1 rg end., 1 rg approx. *

Crochet: cast stitches (s) and sts in the air (ml).


A square 10 cm jersey end., Aig. No. 3,5 = 25 m. and 32 rows.


DOS: He's tric. in one piece comm. by size. Cast on 62 (66 - 70) sts. Kraft, aig. 3.5 mm. Tric. in jersey end. At 6 cm high. tot., increase at each end ts 2 rows 8 fs 1 m. = 78 (82-86) m.

A 21 (22 - 23) cm high. tot., share work in 2 equal parts. Cont. on the 39 (41 - 43) m. from left to sun for crotch ts 2 rows: 1 fs 2 m. and 2 fs 1 m. = 35 (37-39) m.

At the next rg. on the end., tric. : 3 (4-5) m. end., * put 2 sts. on the ea. twisted placed in front and then tric. together at the end. the 1st m. of the aig. twisted and the 1st m. of the aig. left then the 2 m. of the aig. twists and eagles. left, 2 m. end. * 5 fs, 2 (3 - 4) sts. end. = 25 (27-29) m. Rab. on the return. Do the same job vis-à-vis on the 39 (41 - 43) first m. putting the m. waiting behind.

Before: trav. as for the back.


Sew the sides. Close the legs. Fold the first 3 cms of size in 2 upside down and sew with slipper sts leaving an opening. Slide the elastic into the hem. Sew the ends together. Close the opening. Border of crocheted legs with the Dew yarn: * 1 mc, 1 ml *.

Creation: Patricia Antoine

Download and print the diagram.


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