How to treat PMS?

How to treat PMS?

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The list of events that precede the arrival of your period is long ... painful breasts, migraines, weight gain, irritability ... As at least 40% of women may have a PMS or PMS.

The advice of Dr. Bérengère Arnal, gynecologist-obstetrician specialized in herbal medicine.

Symptoms that vary according to women

  • The emotional experience of each woman is directly related to the expression of the SPM. This is why the symptoms may vary from one cycle to another and the proposed therapies may not always be appropriate.

SPM: the answers of conventional medicine

  • Conventional medicine, allopathic, offers different solutions such as hormonal treatments (hormonal contraception oestro-progestative or microprogestative, synthetic progestins, sometimes synthetic estrogen, hormonal IUD). In some cases, antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics may be prescribed as well as diuretics or anti-haemorrhagics.

Synthetic Hormones: Possible Side Effects

  • It should be known that these treatments are not always without consequences. The side effects of synthetic hormones are multiple: weight gain, swelling, loss of libido, mood disorders ... Those related to taking antidepressants often cause fatigue, disorders of libido, nausea ... Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause digestive disorders. These treatments are rather to be reserved in difficult cases.

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